It’s a historical and administrative region comprised of 4 departments Yonne, Côte d’Or, Nièvre and Saône-et-Loire. A region with surprising riches, Burgundy has a remarkable heritage amidst luxurious nature.
Burgundy is well-known for its rich and varied gastronomy, and internationally known and recognised for its tourism, wines, art and history.
Burgundy cuisine is part of the concept of Terroir Bourguignon with its most famous dishes:
bœuf bourguignon, oeufs en meurette, jambon persillé, coq au vin, gingerbread, cassis pâté and many others…
A wine production region, it particularly offers a great diversity of red and white wines with more than 200 appellations d’origine contrôlée (controlled designations of origin).
Discover spiritual Burgundy by visiting the abbeys of Cluny, Fontenay and Cîteaux; the monks will gladly share their philosophy.
Many Burgundy buildings dating back to the Middle Ages or the Renaissance are must-sees such as the medieval Guédelon Castle construction project, the Saône-et-Loire castles and the Palace of the Dukes of Burgundy.